How to solve Canon Printer Error 5800?

In this new era, we have been using many new technical devices which help us out in making our work life easier. We have seen that many devices of this new era have been familiar which makes them an important part of our lives.

The devices that come under the new era technology are the laptop, mobile, printer etc. It becomes impossible to think of our lives without these devices. Among them, there is one technical device that is seen mostly being used in the office environment. An office without a printer becomes meaningless.

Speaking about the printers, Canon is one of the leading brands that stand out to be the best for producing the best products. Canon printers are known to be the best printers as it comes with high definitive quality. But trouble might occur with the Canon Printer as technical errors are likely to occur in every printer. To troubleshoot the technical issue you can take the help of Canon Printer Support team where the team members are always ready to serve their service to their customers.

Today, in this article we will discuss the error codes 5800 that are seen to occur in the Canon Printer and also about the solutions to troubleshoot the problem.

What is Canon Printer error 5800?

Canon printer error 5800 is known to be the technical error that occurs due to the yellow or orange light that starts blinking rapidly in the screen during the time of resetting the waste ink counter. This can become the most irritating factor if it occurs during the start of important work.

How to reset the absorber of waste ink?

While you start the process of resetting the absorber of waste ink in the first step, you need to press the power button of your canon printer and then you need to follow it by pressing down the stop/reset button.

In the next step, you can notice that the service automatically turns out to be in the service mode. After that, you will notice about the on/off button in your printer that turns green and in that time you need to press the stop/reset button where a list of function appears in front of you. In this, you do not have to press 4 times in resetting the waste ink counter.

Next, you need to turn off the device and then turn it on. While you do that, look out if the problem still relies on or it is resolved. Proceed to the next step when you notice that the error is not solved.

You need to work with your machine in a service mode. While you perform the steps you need to start it by turning your printer to the service and then resetting the ink absorber. After that take a clean cloth and then clean the ink deposit.

Turn off your printer which you need to follow it by pressing the menu button in which your printer will be turned out in the service mode. After that, you need to press copy and then scan and copy one by one where you will need to make to the reaching point in the counter access option. Next, you need to set it at Zero and click OK. At last finish the process by clicking on to OK and then checking out the success of the procedure by doing a test print.

These are the solutions to troubleshoot the problem but in case you find it difficult to solver the issues then you can call at +1-888-621-0339 and talk directly to the team members of Canon Printer Support. The team members will help you out in solving all the queries related to the Canon printer.

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