How to fix the Canon Printer issue of not responding or running slow?

Canon printers are best known for their good quality and performance. You can use the same printer for printing, fax, and scanning. As on the technical aspect it does face some technical errors. For any kind of issue with the printer please contact the Canon Printer Tech Support.

Running slow or not responding is a very common error with almost all the printers. Here we will discuss the reasons and solutions for the error. Below are the points to remember to handle this error.

The following procedure is:

•    The first step will be to check if all the connections are proper to your Canon printer or not. Also, you need to check if the printer is in the default setting mode. If not then you will have to reset the setting. Then you will have to cancel the pending printing job and after that try printing those again one by one.

•    There is one more way to make the printer efficient is to print the documents in draft mode. To enable the draft mode you have to go to the printer properties and then you will find the print quality tab or draft or fast. Select the tab which you can locate and then select draft and precede further step by checking the box which states always print the current settings. Then click OK.

•    One more method you can use to solve the slow running printer is by removing other printers from the computer you are working. Also, you need to change the USB port. For this go to the control panel in the computer and then select Device and printers option. Except for the Canon Printer remove all the other printers. Then move to printer properties where you have to check if the correct port is selected or not. If not then select the correct port.

•    In this step, you have to check the wireless connection of your Canon Printer if it is OK or not. First, check the strength of the router & then move the printer near the router for better connectivity. Connect the printer and the router with Ethernet cord.

•    To get the best quality and fast printing always use good and genuine ink cartridges.

•    Also, one more error is that when you keep your printer in quite a mode then your printer will be silent and it will be slow.

•    You can also reinstall or update the printer driver to make the printer fast

•    Also, check all the cable connections for any wrong connection or improper connection, since this can also lead to the slow performance of the printer

Following these above process, you will be able to resolve the problem. But still, if you want to talk to the teams about the same please call Canon Printer Tech Support.

Canon Printer Tech Support

Please call the team at +1-888-621-0339 to talk to the team about any technical help as the team believes in customer satisfaction. The team doesn’t have any hidden charges but they do provide monthly or yearly subscription at minimal charges for uninterrupted service. To get more information you can click here.

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