What is the procedure to remove error 5100 from Canon Printer?

When you are performing work and it stops in the middle it becomes the most irritating fact, likewise, if the printer stops in the middle while you are doing a print job then it becomes more frustrating.

A printer is an important part of the offices that most of the office works get easier. Without a printer in the office, it becomes tough to work. When it comes to printers then Canon printer is known to be the best printers. Canon is a brand that offers a good quality printer which most of the users find it efficient to work upon.

But, there comes a fact that a printer is a technical device and it can be affected by technical issues. Issues like an error that can stop the printer from working which can be more frustrating. Today in this article we will be discussing the error 5100 and how to troubleshoot it. In case you find it trouble to solve the errors then you can also take the help of Canon Printer Customer Support team in which they are willing to help every technical issue that the users of the canon printer go through.

Steps to troubleshoot the Canon Printer error 5100:

The resting of the Ink cartridge:

In this process, you will need to reset the ink cartridges that are present in the canon printer for which the trouble occurs. When you will set the ink cartridges in your canon printer in an improper manner then the cartridge might occur the error. This can also prevent the printer from functioning in the correct way that can generate the error 5100. For this, you will need to rest the ink cartridge if you find it set in an improper way.

Resetting the Printer:

If you use your printer for a longer period of time then you will need to rest if you do not want interruption services. This needs to be done when your printer recently finishes up heavy work. With resetting your printer in every few days, you will be able to keep your printer working in a proper way. To do this you will need to stop button by pressing it down for 5 seconds and after that, you can release the button.

Clear out the trashes from inside the printer:

These errors are likely to occur because of the left packaging material inside the printer and by clearing out the printer you can prevent the error from occurring. The left pieces of the torn paper can also be the cause of the error. Moreover, the staple, clip or kind of foreign particles that are left inside the printer can cause this error 5100.

Paper Jam needs to be cleared:

The occurrence of paper jam in a printer is a common thing. A paper jam can also be one reason that this error shows up. If this is one of those reasons then you will need to clear the paper jam. You will need to open up the back panel of the printer to check if the paper jam is inside or not. Clear the jammed paper immediately.

Clean the printing strips:

You will be able to solve the error by clearing the printing strips. The printer strip is placed inside the printer above the drive belt that is a white plastic material strip. The transparent plastic strip plays out an important role. While you notice any kind of dirt sitting in the printing strip, then immediately pick up soft tissue and then clean it instantly with care.

By following these guidelines you will be able to solve out the problem but in case you find it difficult then take the help of Canon Printer Customer Support team, which is a third party customer service that helps out in troubleshooting the problem. You can dial at +1-888-621-0339 and the team will get in touch with you immediately. You can assure about the fact is that they will not charge any hidden cost for helping out. Click here to get more information.

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