How to solve Canon Printer Offline Status?

Canon printers are well known for their good quality printers. But sometimes it faces technical issues. One of such issues is “Printer is offline” error that is quite common with Canon Printers. Well, we will discuss here the possible reasons and also solutions for the error.  You can also contact Canon Printer Support team for more help.

For this error first step is to check if the printer connected to the mains and the computer is proper or not. After checking the connection if you are still getting the same error then follow the below steps.

Printer Spooler Service

This step ensures that the printer is getting printing job commands from the computer. You can arrange a printer spooler service for ensuring the connection –

•    Go to Start/Windows option

•    Then type and search for devices and click on Services(Desktop app)

•    A menu will pop up with giving all options with compatible services appears on the screen from where you need to select on Printer Spooler Service

•    Right click on the service and then restart; if restart option is not available then alternatively you can click on Start

•    Right click on Printer Spooler again and go to properties and then change the Start type to Automatic type

•    Click on OK to save the setting

•    Switch off the printer for some time and switch it on again.

•    This above method should help you to rectify the error. If not then follow the next process

Printer Offline Mode

Sometimes if the Use Printer Offline mode is activated then also it might show Printer is offline on your computer. So, you will have to change the settings

•    Go to start/Windows button and type Control panel

•    In control panel select Hardware and devices then select devices and printers

•    Then you will see the Canon printer you are using, right click on the same and choose to see what’s happening

•    Click on the printer and check if the offline printing option is ticked. If it is then you need to uncheck the option to disable to

•    Now click on the printer again and cancel all the documents

•    Take a print out again and check if it is working fine

Reinstall printer software

If the printer’s driver is creating a problem then the printer will not receive the print job thus there will be no printing done. To sort this error you can try reinstalling the printer driver software. If the error is because of software then once the software is reinstalled it will rectify the error itself. For reinstallation please follow the below process-

•    Press the Windows button and R key together which will open up a run box

•    In this box type devmgmt.msc and then click on OK

•    In the print queues menu, you have to select for uninstall device

•    Now from the official Canon webpage, you have to download the latest updated driver software for your Canon Printer model and then download it

•    After the download, the file will be available in the download folder. You need to shift the file to printer folder under Devices and Printers. This is so as to install your driver correctly to your printer

•    Once you open and run the downloaded the file the system administrator will guide you on how to install the driver. You need to accept the terms and conditions then click on Finish

•    Thus your installation incomplete

•    The above process should sort out the error.

Canon Printer Support

Please call at +1-888-621-0339 for any kind of technical assistance with the printer. The team is available 24/7 for help. I hope this blog was helpful. To know more about Canon Printer click here.

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