How to fix the USB connection not working on your HP LaserJet P1102W Printer

Printers have become a very important part of our lives. To take out print outs from the printer it should be connected via a USB cable to send a command to the printer. USB cables are required to connect a lot of devices like cameras, printers, drivers, etc. When you use the USB cable to connect to the printer sometimes it won’t work and there might be many reasons for the same like the USB cable not connected properly. In this blog, we will discuss the USB cable not working properly with the HP LaserJet P1102W printer. If at all you are using a new cable and the same is not working please replace the cable. If you want to have a word with our experts about the same please contact HP Printer Support.

Steps to solve the issue of USB connection

Check the warning in the device manager

First, check the device manager. The device manager which is near the USB controller entry on the list of device displays the error message. If you can see the errors then try to resolve it. It is always to better to solve the issue in the computer before it is detected by the printer. It happens when you have just formatted your computer and the USB driver is not installed properly or the USB port is not working properly. In this case, you need to contact the customer service for your computer and get a solution for USB port not working.

Run a clean installation 

One more step to solving the problem is to run the clean installation process. For that, you first need to disconnect to the USB cable and then right click on the computer. Then you have to select programs and features then followed by selecting the HP LaserJet printer entries and uninstall the same. Then right click on the start and you have to go to the control panel. Then you have to click on Hardware and Sounds under which you have to select device and printers after which you have to remove all the devices and select the printer entries. Now again right click and select Run and then you have to type printui.exe/s and now press enter.

After doing it then you will see the Print Server Properties Box is displayed. Now move to drivers and delete all the entries and then you have to go to the Run window again and type “c:/programdata”. Then check the HP folder and delete all the printer related files and folders. Now restart the system to reinstall the software again.

Restore the printer system

Sometimes you face this USB error because of the configuration issue in the printer. So a simple solution is to rearrange the configuration setting. For that first, you have to right click in the start and then select the control panel. Now select the Hardware and Sound from where you have to select Printers. Now you need to right click on the printer from the list and then select the Reset Printing System which you have to confirm by clicking OK. To begin the process you have to give permission where required by clicking on OK.

Troubleshoot the USB Cable and connection –

When the USB cable is not working you first need to check if it is connected with the computer properly or not. To check to connect the printer to mains then check if it has the relevant software that is required. If no then install the required software again. Now check if the USB cable is properly connected to the computer or the power cable or not. Make sure that both the hub and the device are running on the same speed.

Now check if the device is connected to the power line and connect it to the computer. Now disconnect all the USB cable connected and keeping the only one which you want to test. Then connect the cable one by one to check which one is faulty.

HP Printer Support

If you want to talk to the team about the above-mentioned error or else any other concerns about the printer please contact the team at +1-888-621-0339. The team is available 24/7 for help. Click here to get more information.

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