How to resolve Canon Printer error 1403?

Canon Printer error 1403 is seen occurring in the canon printer that makes the printer slow down. This can sometimes be frustrating when you are about to print an important document the printer gets stopped in the middle. Canon printer error 1403 occurs when there is trouble in the print head. If by any chance you place the print head in a wrong manner then the Canon Printer error 1403 can occur in the canon printer. You can take the help of Canon Printer Customer Support team to troubleshoot the Canon Printer error 1403.

Though, the printer that is being given out by the Canon is of good quality printers that are known for having the best quality print. But with the technical errors occurring up in the canon printers makes the work process slow down and the printing gets stopped in the middle. A printer is the most convenient medium to perform work, which makes the work of the office people easier.  Without a printer, an office looks incomplete where the works get tough to do. A printer makes it all easy. Today, in this blog, we will discuss the Canon Printer error 1403 and how to troubleshoot this error from the printer.

Guidelines to solve out the Canon Printer error 1403:

There are many methods through which the error can be solved. Today, in this article we will discuss some of the procedures through which we will be able to troubleshoot the error from the printer. The following procedures are as follows:

At first, you will need to move the printer and then you will need to wait for the carriage to slide over. After that, you will have to take out the ink cartridge from the print head inside the canon printer. To perform the process, you will have to take the cotton swabs and then dip in the mix of hot water, isopropyl alcohol and with that, you will have to clean out the print head and the electrical contacts.

Continue this process until you find no accumulation present. Now, make sure you have no residue coming out from it. While you finish up the process, you will have to make it dry and then replace the cartridges. Next, check the canon printer error 1403 if it is removed or not, and then do a print test.  After you finish up the process, check that there is no error left in the canon printer. If you find the error is there in the printer then take the help of Canon Printer Customer Support team.

Canon Printer Customer Support

Canon Printer Customer Support comprises with the expert professionals through which the printer queries will get solved. You can call at +1-888-621-0339 and talk to the team members over the phone where your queries will get solved. Moreover, the team members do not take any hidden charge for helping out the customers with their queries. To get their service benefits you can subscribe to their monthly or yearly packages that the team members provide at an affordable price. Click here to get more information. 

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