How to resolve the Brother Printer error 41?

Brother Printer error 41 seems to occur in the brother printer that makes the printer slow down. The technical error occurs now and then in the printer and this can affect the printer working function a lot. To troubleshoot the brother printer error 41 you can take the help of Brother Printer Support team. The team members will help out to provide the best customer service. A technical device like printers is a useful device in an office environment and it is used mostly to perform the paperwork. But when a technical error occurs in the printer it affects the work of a printer user. Today, in this article we will discuss the solutions of Brother Printer error 41 by following some of the easy solutions.

What is the cause of Brother Printer error 41?

Technical errors can sometimes be the most frustrating factor. Brother Printer error 41 occurs when there is a mechanical malfunction in the device. When this error occurs it means the problem relies on the printer that needs to get repaired through proper service. Some of the causes for which this error can trouble up the printer are listed below:

The brother printer error 41 can occur when you find low ink in the device. If the brother printer machine gets broken then also it can be affected. Sometimes having trouble in the print head can be the cause of brother printer error 41. If somehow the spooler service does not run then also the error can occur in the printer. With some easy steps, this error can troubleshoot. The following methods are as follows:

Methods to remove the Brother Printer error 41:

By following some of the easy procedures it will be easier to fix the trouble of brother printer error 41. The processes are as follows:

Methods 1: Check for Printer Connection

In the first method, you will have to click on the start button and then select the Devices and Printers. After that, you will have to notice the no printer option under the heading Printers and Faxes. After you notice that, you will be sure that your brother printer is not connected properly with your PC. In order to that, if you notice the Printer appearing then you will have to check if it is connected with your PC or not.

Method 2: Download the Printer Driver

In the second method, click on the Start and then select Devices and Printers. Next, you will notice a new window emerging in which you will need to click on Add a Printer. Now, keep the Printer Port LPT1 and then select the Standard TCP/IP Port for Type of port and click onto the next button.

Next, choose the TCP/IP device type and then write available Hostname or IP addresses and Port name. After that, click in the next button. Now, you will have to finish the process and you will notice a new window appearing where you will have to select Print a test paper and then finish up the process.

Method 3: Update the printer driver

In this third method, you will have to update the printer driver in your printer. After that, start the process by clicking on Start and then click on the Control Panel. Select the Device and Printers and then add up a new printer. Next, you will see a window below and there you have to click on Windows Update and then click on the button Next.

Method 4: Modify the Printer Settings

In this fourth method, click start and Select Devices and Printers in the right window. After that, you will notice the printer in which you will have to right click on it and after that choose printing preferences.

Next, a window will appear and then Click on Advanced. Select the Paper Size and then set A4 in the many settings section.

These are the following methods through which it will become easier to troubleshoot the brother printer error 41 from the printer. You can also take help from the Brother Printer Customer Support team. Call them at +1-888-621-0339 to get the team members to help assistance. Click here to know more.

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