How to fix HP Printer error code 0005fbb6?

If you are facing an HP Printer Error Code 0005fbb6, then it means that there is some issue related to the HP printer ink System, & because of this issue the Hp printer is unable to print or scan, therefore, carefully check the solution provided here below to get relief from the HP printer error code.

The users of HP who are getting frustrated from the HP Printer Error Code 0005fbb6, for all of them, we have here enlisted some HP printer troubleshooting steps to get rid of the error. So, all clients are recommended to follow the HP printer troubleshooting steps and get relief from the printer issue.

Devices like Printers make our work very easy & it is quite simple to use the printers these days because of the latest innovation & technologies that make printers much more efficient and easy to use. Well to Fix HP Printer Fuser Error Code 50.4. Processing Job, a well-explained solution steps has been penned down by a team of HP Printer Support technicians –

  • First of all, uninstall device drivers.
  • Now, disconnect the USB cord from your printer device.
  • After this, download the drivers.
  • Now carefully, install the printer drivers properly.
  • After doing this, the clients are suggested to re-connect the USB cable once again.
  • Now turn it on your PC to recognize the printer and try to print something.
  • User can also re-set your printer device.
  • Now disconnect your USB without turning the device.
  • Once you disconnect your USB without turning the device, after this carefully remove the ink cartridge from your product.
  • Now wait for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Also, carefully disconnect the power cords from your main printer.
  • Now again wait about 70 to 80 seconds once the printer device turned off.
  • Once again carefully re-connect the all printer power cables to your main device.
  • If by re-connecting the power cables printer device is switched on.
  • So, simply push the power button to turn it on your device.
  • Now be careful while putting the ink cartridges.
  • Once done, close the printer access door.
  • Now make sure before you insert the cartridge, please check is the cartridge is clean or not.
  • Now once again Re-connect the USB cable to the device.
  • User can also try factory settings as well.
  • Just go to the properties and push tool option and select restore factory.
  • Then turn off your printer and wait for few seconds.
  • After Few Seconds You can turn on your HP Printer.
  • Now try to do some prints.

We hope that after trying all these Hp printer troubleshooting steps. It would be easy for all of you to resolve the HP Printer Error Code 0005fbb6, and hence, if after trying these steps, you didn’t get a positive response then, without wasting your time, ask for assistance from the experts of HP, as they are available round the clock to provide support to all troubled clients. Click here for more information.

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