How to resolve the Brother Printer error 41?

Brother Printer error 41 seems to occur in the brother printer that makes the printer slow down. The technical error occurs now and then in the printer and this can affect the printer working function a lot. To troubleshoot the brother printer error 41 you can take the help of Brother Printer Support team. The team members will help out to provide the best customer service. A technical device like printers is a useful device in an office environment and it is used mostly to perform the paperwork. But when a technical error occurs in the printer it affects the work of a printer user. Today, in this article we will discuss the solutions of Brother Printer error 41 by following some of the easy solutions.

What is the cause of Brother Printer error 41?

Technical errors can sometimes be the most frustrating factor. Brother Printer error 41 occurs when there is a mechanical malfunction in the device. When this error occurs it means the problem relies on the printer that needs to get repaired through proper service. Some of the causes for which this error can trouble up the printer are listed below:

The brother printer error 41 can occur when you find low ink in the device. If the brother printer machine gets broken then also it can be affected. Sometimes having trouble in the print head can be the cause of brother printer error 41. If somehow the spooler service does not run then also the error can occur in the printer. With some easy steps, this error can troubleshoot. The following methods are as follows:

Methods to remove the Brother Printer error 41:

By following some of the easy procedures it will be easier to fix the trouble of brother printer error 41. The processes are as follows:

Methods 1: Check for Printer Connection

In the first method, you will have to click on the start button and then select the Devices and Printers. After that, you will have to notice the no printer option under the heading Printers and Faxes. After you notice that, you will be sure that your brother printer is not connected properly with your PC. In order to that, if you notice the Printer appearing then you will have to check if it is connected with your PC or not.

Method 2: Download the Printer Driver

In the second method, click on the Start and then select Devices and Printers. Next, you will notice a new window emerging in which you will need to click on Add a Printer. Now, keep the Printer Port LPT1 and then select the Standard TCP/IP Port for Type of port and click onto the next button.

Next, choose the TCP/IP device type and then write available Hostname or IP addresses and Port name. After that, click in the next button. Now, you will have to finish the process and you will notice a new window appearing where you will have to select Print a test paper and then finish up the process.

Method 3: Update the printer driver

In this third method, you will have to update the printer driver in your printer. After that, start the process by clicking on Start and then click on the Control Panel. Select the Device and Printers and then add up a new printer. Next, you will see a window below and there you have to click on Windows Update and then click on the button Next.

Method 4: Modify the Printer Settings

In this fourth method, click start and Select Devices and Printers in the right window. After that, you will notice the printer in which you will have to right click on it and after that choose printing preferences.

Next, a window will appear and then Click on Advanced. Select the Paper Size and then set A4 in the many settings section.

These are the following methods through which it will become easier to troubleshoot the brother printer error 41 from the printer. You can also take help from the Brother Printer Customer Support team. Call them at +1-888-621-0339 to get the team members to help assistance. Click here to know more.

How to remove Brother Printer error 70?

Brother printer error 70 is seen occurring in the brother printer that makes the printer stop in the middle. This error can sometimes be frustrating as it stops the work in the middle. A person uses the printer most in their offices and when the error occurs in the printer the work of the person gets hampered. Brother Printer Support is a team that is always there to help customers who are in need of help. The team is always to help out the customers who have queries related to Brother Printer.

Brother Printer error occurs in the printer because of the printer machine having a malfunction that happens due to a printer having paper jam in the fuser roller that is present in the printer.  Though, a brother printer proves to be the best printer among the other printer because of its printing quality and high definitive features.  But, with the technical errors, it becomes tough to maintain the quality of the printing and for that the removing of Brother Printer error 70 from the printer is important.

Guidelines to remove the Brother Printer error 70:

There are several ways to remove the Brother Printer error from the brother printer. In this article, we will discuss some of the procedures that will help in removing the Brother Printer error 70. The following steps are:

To start the process, you will need to check the fuser rollers to see if there is any paper wrapped around the printer. The next thing, you will need to do is go back to the machine where you can pull down the back cover on the center indention of the rear cover.

Next, you will have to open up the fuser cover and then pull down the two green levers of it. There you will notice the red and black rollers inside the printer. After that, check the rollers if there is any paper wrapped around the two rollers.

After that, you will need to turn off the printer machine for about 30 minutes and that way it will cool down the machine.

When you finish up the cool down process, you can remove the paper from the machine by dragging it out. While you put out the paper, you will have to sure that the printer is off. Do not cut the papers because the roller of the printer might be damaged.

At last, you will need to close the fuser cover and then push it back to its place. When you finish up the process, check the brother printer error 70 if it is removed or not.

With these steps, you will be able to troubleshoot the brother printer error 70. But in case you find any difficulties then you can take the help of Brother Printer Support team.

Brother Printer Support

Brother Printer Support comprises of expert professionals that help the customers with their brother printer related queries. You can reach to the team members by calling them at +1-888-621-0339 and the team members will try to get in touch with you over the phone to help troubleshoot your brother printer queries. You can also subscribe to their monthly or yearly packages that are offered by the team members at an affordable price. Click here to get more information.

How to troubleshoot the error TS-07 in Brother Printer?

We have known Brother Printer for its high definition feature of the printer. They always have put their brand their first priority. Brother printers have been known to provide the best products with innovative features. This brand is known to provide Laserjet printers, fax machine, multi-function center and also label printers. 

This brand is known for its best service that they provide to their customers. But we all know that every machine is likely to face troubles at one point in time. With the heavy use of this technical device, it is usual to get technical issues like error codes. Brother Printer can have error codes and one such error code is TS-07 that shows up sometimes. Errors can be so irritating if it occurs in the middle of printing. With help from the Brother Printer Support team, you can troubleshoot the problems accordingly.

In this article, we will discuss the error TS-07 that occurs in the brother printer. Along with this, we will also discuss the process to troubleshoot the problem.

What is error TS-07 in Brother Printer?

Printer errors can occur now and then, and there are lots of printer errors that a printer is likely to face. Among them, there is an error TS-07 which occurs in the printer. This error makes the brother printer unable to detect a WLAN access point or a router that enables the WPS or AOSS, after which it shows the error code TS-07. This issue can be solved by following some of the easy steps. In the next part, we will learn about solving this problem.

How error TS-07 can be fixed?

There are some of the easy steps through which we can solve this error code. The following steps are;

In the first step you need to start the process by checking out the router if it has the feature of WPS or AOSS and if you want to use both of these features then by looking at the symbol you can be sure if your router or the WLAN access point support or not.

If you see the symbol then you can be sure that the router or access point supports the features of WPS or AOSS.

Moreover, you need to configure your brother printer with wireless network connectivity while using the feature of the automatic wireless connectivity in which you can solve the issue easily.

After you configure the brother printer, make sure to set the printer within the range of the router. After setting up in an accessible range, you need to press in the option of Menu. Next, you need to scroll down the menu and reach for the network button and click on “OK”. Choose the WLAN and click OK. After that, you need to choose WPS or AOSS and click OK. 

You will notice a message displaying WLAN to be enabled. While you notice this accept it and then start a wireless wizard. Keep on hold the access point on the router for few seconds until the machine displays asking you to start AODD or WPS.

After that click the option of OK, this will help you to connect with the network by automatically detecting the mode of your access point.

This is the simple guidelines to follow to troubleshoot the error code TS-07 but in case you find it tough to solve it manually then take the help from Brother Printer Support team by simply dialing at +1-888-621-0339 in which the team member will eventually solve your queries over the phone. This is a third party service that provides service to the customers of Brother Printer. The team does not cost any hidden charges.

To know more about Brother Printer related queries click here

What are the ways to solve the brother printer issue of “unable to scan on windows 10?”

Make sure the brother printer power connection is without an error

If you notice that the LCD screen of your brother printer is black after switching on your Brother printer that means either your printer is off or it is in the sleep mode.

When you are going to wake it up, you need to press a button randomly in your printer. Next, to that, you need to check the power cable of your printer to make sure that if it is plugged in the power outlet or if the power switches are on or not.

If you want to know the error messages, then you have to check the LCD display of your brother printer. If any error message is displayed there, you have to remove that. To get help in resolving brother printer issues, you can take help from the team of Brother Printer Support.

Check the printer’s network connection      

You need to check the network connection of your brother printer. If it is not correct, then you need to configure your printer when you have planned to use the network scanning to with the help of the peer-to-peer network environment because it is unable to work from the client PC, it can work from a server computer.

Ensure the availability of your brother printer

To check the printer availability, you need to open the Printer properties. By doing this, you can find the options about the procedure of operating the printer like configuring ports and hardware related customizations. You have to follow the procedure below to perform that.

In the first step, you should go to the control panel and after that, you have to click at the Hardware and Sound.

Now, you need to click at the Devices and Printers.

Next, to that, you have to right click at the Brother printer that you are using after which you need to select the printer properties.

In the next to that, you have to click at the Print Test Page so that you can know that the printer is available to print.

These are some of the ways by applying which you can easily remove the brother issue of unable to scan on windows 10. In operating the Brother printer, you also can take the help of Brother Printer Support team.

Brother Printer Support

When you are facing the brother printer issue of unable to scan on windows 10, in resolving this issue you can take the help of Brother Printer Support team. Along with that, the team is there to solve any kind of brother printer issues. To talk with the team of Brother Printer Support, you need to call at +1-888-621-0339. As they offer you service over the phone, you don’t have to carry your printer to anywhere. Customer’s satisfaction is the only goal of the Brother Printer Support team so that they can get more returning customers. The team of Brother Printer Support never takes any hidden charges from the customers. Subscribe to the monthly or yearly packages offered by Brother Printer Support and enjoy their service at a minimal price.

To get more information about Brother Printer click here.


We all are aware of the fact that a printer is a technical device for which we face a lot of technical issues. Although, every technical device at one point do give trouble and we cannot be dependent on the technical device.

When we are talking about printers then we know that Brother Printer is a kind of printer that provides the best quality printers. The brand has own name for providing the best quality products to the brother printer users.  Brother Printer is known to produce the best quality products with many new features. It has been seen that many users loved the service of Brother Printers.

But the fact is Brother Printer is also a technical device which can also trouble up sometimes. It can trouble by displaying error codes in the printer. One such error code is TS-02, which can emerge sometime. However, this error code can be solved by following the guidelines of troubleshooting this error code. In this article, we will be discussing the error code and the solutions. You can also take support from Brother Printer Customer Support team help to get your brother printer queries solved.


There are some easy guidelines, through which this error code can troubleshoot. The following steps are:

Firstly, you will need to make sure that the WLAN access point/router is connected with power. In the next step, you need to connect to the internet connection to a built-in wireless LAN in which you can confirm the WLAN access point/router if it’s working or not. Then you need to shift the printer to a blockage-free area or to a place near the WLAN access point/ router in which you get better connectivity of the network.

After that, you need to “Run” the temporary location of your printer to a 1 meter to 3.3 feet from the WLAN access point. In the next step, you need to ensure that the MAC address of the brother printer is allowed in the printer.

On an account, you need to remember that your brother printer uses radio signals in the 4 GHz range. After that, your brother printer will display the TS-02 in which you need to find out that the system uses the 5 GHz range. In the control panel, you can setup wizard option. After you finish doing all the process then restart your device and run again to see if the problem is fixed.


Brother Printer Customer Support is known to have a team of experts who are there to solve all the related queries of brother printer. While you are about to troubleshoot the TS-07 error, you can take help from the Brother Printer Customer Support by simply dialing at +1-888-621-0339 where the expert team will accordingly solve the queries of your printer over the phone. The team a member of the Brother Printer Customer Support always tries to give their best to make their customers satisfied with their service.  Further, the team does not cost any hidden amount for the service which you can be assured of. To get the service you simply need to subscribe to the monthly or yearly packages offered by the Brother Printer at an economical price.

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What is the fuser unit on Brother printer?

We everyone knows how Laser Printers Work. Finally, the printer passes the paper through the fuser, a pair of passionate rollers. While the paper passes through these rollers, the loose toner powder melts, fusing with the fibers in the paper. The fuser rolls the paper to the output tray, and at that moment you have finished your page.

What is service fuser error on Brother printer?

A Service Fuser message means that the printer has faced a number of problem with the fuser unit installed on this printer. The fuser element is the part of the printer that heats up to fuse the toner onto the page. The meaning of the fuser unit error depends on the error code number related to it.

How do you replace the fuser unit on Brother printer?

The steps are Given below :

The first step – Press the Power button to turn off the brother printer. After that Unplug the printer. To avoid any harm, wait until the printer has cooled down satisfactorily before replacing the Fusing Unit.

 The second step – Open the Top Cover of the printer.

 Third step – Take off the two long screws as shown to release the Fusing unit from the printer.

The fourth step – Take away the Fusing Unit from the printer by holding the handles on both sides. When do away with the Fusing Unit from the printer, be sure to keep the Fusing Unit flat so that oil will not spill. Harm can occur if oil is spilled inside the printer.

The fifthth step – Take away the Oil Bottle and the Fuser Cleaner from the Fusing Unit.

The sixth step – Install the fresh Fusing Unit into the printer. Be sure to insert the Fusing Unit absolutely into the printer.

The seventh step – Protected the Fusing Unit with the two long screws.

Eight step – Now move the Fusing Unit Pressure Release Levers to the SET position.

Ninth step – Set up the Fuser Cleaner and the Oil Bottle into the new Fusing Unit and lock the Oil Bottle Lock Levers and the Fuser Cleaner Lock Levers.

•    Be careful not to drop oil inside the printer. This could damage the printer.

•    Please wait for 25 to 30 minutes later than installing a new Fusing Unit the oil to circulates completely through the Heat Roller.

If the condition of the Fuser Cleaner is not good, we recommend that you change the Fuser Cleaner at the same time as the Fusing Unit. The life counter for the Fuser Cleaner will require to be reset. For any details contact brother printer support or brother printer technical support.

The tenth step – Close the Top Cover of the printer, and then plug up the printer into the AC outlet.

The eleventh step – Press the Power button to turn On the printer.

Twelve-step – Now Press any of the Menu buttons (+, -, Set or Back) to take the printer Off Line.

Thirteen step – Now Press + or – until “RESET MENU” will appears.

Fourteen step – Now Press Set to proceed to the next menu level, and then press + or – until “PARTS LIFE” appears.

Fifteen step – Now Press Set, button and then press + until “FUSER UNIT” will appears.

Sixteenth step – Then Press Set, button and then press Go. The brother printer is now in the complete status. 

For Further support, if any, Please contact the 24/7 Brother Printer Customer helpline number +1-888-621-0339. Or contact us by mail at

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How do you troubleshoot your brother printer problems?

The first step –  checking your hardware

Make sure that the brother printer’s electrical cord is plugged into an electrical outlet and the power switch is turned on. If you’re printing to a shared brother printer or a brother printer on a network, make definite that all needed computers and routers are turned on too. If your brother printer or other equipment is plugged into a surge protector or a backup power supply, make sure that hardware is plugged in and turned on as well.

If you are using a wired brother printer, make sure that the brother printer cable is as it should be connected from the printer to your PC or laptop.

For wireless brother printers, confirm the wireless connection. Make sure the brother printer’s wireless option is turned on and available. Many brother printers have a button that displays a blue wireless icon at what time wireless is accessible.

After that, run the brother printer’s wireless connectivity analysis. Read the instructions that came with the brother printer or check the brother printer manufacturer’s website for instructions about how to do this. If this does not help then you can also take the help from Brother Printer Tech Support team to solve your issues.

How do we Use a troubleshooter?

A troubleshooter is a programmed tool that can find and automatically fix some problems with your PC or laptop. The printing troubleshooter can repair problems with installing and connecting to a printer.

How do we Update brother printer drivers?

Nearly all brother printers require driver software to work properly. If you in recent times upgraded from one version of Windows to another, it’s possible that the current brother printer driver is for the previous version of Windows. If you’ve had fresh power outages, viruses, or other computer problems, it’s possible that the brother printer drivers have become damaged. Downloading and installing the latest brother printer driver for your printer can resolve these types of troubles.

brother printer

There are three ways to find and install a driver given below :

First step – Use Windows Update. Windows Update might have an updated version of your brother printer driver.

The second step – Install software from the brother printer manufacturer company. Definitely, your brother printer came with a disc, that disc might include software that installs a driver for the brother printer.

Third and last step – Download and install the brother printer driver yourself. You can search for a brother printer driver on the manufacturer’s website. Try this if Windows Update can’t find a driver for your Brother printer, and the printer didn’t come with software that installs a driver.

How we do print at Windows 8.1?

To print webpages with Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, select Print, and then select Print once more. See what the printed page will appear by selecting Print Preview. Or, print pages by pressing Ctrl + P.

If you want to print only a picture from a page (and not the whole page), right-click on the picture, and select Print. In the Print dialog box, select Print yet again.

For Further support, if any, Please contact the 24/7 Brother Printer Customer helpline number +1-888-621-0339. Or contact us by mail at

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How to troubleshoot the “Replace drum” issue from your brother printer?

Brotherh is a known brand that offers us printers. The brother printers are very good in quality. But, as a technical device, the brother printer also has to go through various types of technical issues which interrupt in the printing operation. One of those brother printer issues is the “replace drum”. Brother Printer Support team is also there to help the brother printer users in resolving printer issues.

“Replace drum” issue in brother printer

There are various types of brands who are offering us printers. You can see pre-installed chips in the ink and toner cartridges of many of the printer and pre-installed chips are in the drum unit also ant it refers to identify the printer. But in case of brother printer, it is different as sometimes the brother printer unable to associate the drum unit and it is under the perception that there is no drum unit. So your printer will display the “Replace drum” message.

How to resolve the “replace drum” issue from your brother printer?

By following an easy process you can easily troubleshoot the brother printer issue of “replace drum”. The process to resolve the “replace drum” issue is as follows;

Start the process to troubleshoot the brother printer error “replace drum” by removing the brother drum first that you can find attached to the toner cartridges. So, you have to find out the toner cartridge by opening the front flap of the printer. By finding out the toner cartridge, you can get the drum unit also. If you are unable to find out the toner cartridge, then take help of the user manual.

When you can get the drum unit, you can see a green lever that you need to pull out and then place it on a plane and protected surface.

Now, you will be able to notice a green lever on the toner cartridge also that you need to press and thus you can lift the toner from the drum.

In the next step, you need to replace the drum unit from the printer.

After that, you should lock the toner cartridges on the top of the drum unit. In the next to that, you can insert it back inside your brother printer.

Now, you will be able to see that your brother printer stops displaying the message “replace drum”.

By applying this process, you can easily resolve the issue of the “replace drum” issue of your brother printer. To solve the brother printer issue, you can take the help of Brother Printer Support.

Brother Printer Support

You can take the help of Brother Printer Support team to remove the issue of “replace drum” from your brother printer. To get their help, you can call at +1-888-621-0339. For any kind of Brother Printer issues, you can contact the team of Brother Printer Support. The Brother Printer Customer support team tries the best to satisfy the customers without taking any kind of hidden charges. Subscribe to the monthly or yearly packages offered by Brother Printer Support so that you can enjoy their service at a minimal price.  

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Printers are an essential device which is used by every person in day to day activities. It is mostly used in offices where most of the paper works are done. But is it very important to look out for the printer quality as a good printer makes the work a lot easier. As we are talking about good printers then we cannot forget that Brother Printer stands to be the good printer who functions very well. It has a high-quality print factor as well as high-quality performance. But with times, it has a chance of troubling with some common problems that every printer goes through. As we all know it is a machine after all and every machine has common problems but every problem has a solution which can be solved by following some guidelines.

Today in this article we will discuss some of the common problems of Brother Printer and how we can solve them. But if in case, these solutions do not solve your queries then take the help from Brother Printer Customer Support. Without any delay you can give a call at +1-888-621-0339 and the team will eventually solve the brother printer troubles. Now, let’s discuss the common problems of brother printer with their solutions.


If there is a build up dust then it can create hassle which needs to be avoided by the user. The user needs to take care of the types of equipment and workspace to make sure that it does not create any problems. If any dust is found then wipe the surfaces down with a lint-free cloth. If you find the paper feed is not enclosed then brush away the dust that is made for computer surfaces. There are some pages, such as art quality which attract more dust than normal paper. It becomes important to clean up the dust with this type of paper.


Printing is known to perform by the equipment’s graphics processing function. So, make sure that you have viewed the print preview and if the preview is off, then the problem lies in the layout that needs to be fixed. Enlarging the printed image will be different than what is being displayed on the monitor.


This problem can be easily fixed if the user is using Word or similar programs. Check out that you put the page in the correct orientation before printing. It will depend upon the page layout which will either be in landscape or portrait mode which will affect the final print result.


In this printer issue images are likely to cut off if the paper size is not the same as the paper size that is selected in the print settings. Check out if the papers are being correctly used. You need to do a print preview to see whether the image is being cut off, or the image might need to be resized in order to fit in the page.


In some cases, the printers can be connected to more than one computer, which makes it an efficient office setting. But sometimes, the print instruction from one computer was issued and still the printer did not print then there might be a trouble with the user authentication. In the primary administrator, it can be easily be fixed by authorizing the printer.

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How to Reset a Brother Printer

Brother printer is a product of “Brother Industries”, a Japanese multinational company that deals with various electronics and electrical items. It avails its customers with brother printer support on a 24/7 basis. They provide the customers with expert brother printer support, solutions to all its issues, along with safety tips, maintenance tips, an instruction manual and door to door servicing and repairing. The Brother Printer support also provides a free demonstration tutorial to the customer during a Brother Printers first installation process after its purchase. The Brother Printer Technical Support is solely dedicated to customers interest and queries provide a world class service.

Coming back to the topic at hand, how often does it happen to you? You are trying to print out some important documents and midway of your printing process, it suddenly hangs. No response. Yes, right. I can feel your frustration. Brother Printer support gives you detailed instructions on how to fix it immediately.

If you are using any one of these brother printers like HL-2240, HL-2230, HL-2270DW, or HL-2280DW desktop printer, a factory reset will generally solve the issue.

To Factory reset the brother printer you need to

1.    Turn off your brother printer first. You might not be able to do it with the Go (start) button on the printer as its hanging, so you need to switch off the main plug-in switch.

2.    Wait for a few seconds and turn on the plug-in Switch again.

3.    Now Press and hold down the go (start) button. You need to hold it for a few moments.

4.    As you are holding the Go button, 3 LED lights will light up.

5.    When the three lights light up, release the button and then press the Go button TEN times.

6.    The printer will automatically restart

7.    Wait until the Ready light is lit. When it lits it means it is ready to be used again

Your brother printer is now factory reset and ready to use.

[A note from the Brother Printers Support Team]

[Sometimes, you may need to restart your printer again before you can print. Also, in some cases, since you have performed a factory reset, your computer may not recognize the printer. You may need to delete the printer driver and reinstall it again via systems setting (Mac) or control panel (PC).]

For Further assistance, if any, Please contact the 24/7 Brother Printer Customer helpline number +1-888-621-0339. Or reach us by mail at

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